RV Screen Door 3D Printer Fix

Had a little accident when leaving the RV repair shop. Finding a replacement door isn’t gonna be easy so time to bust out the digital calipers. Cut out small section that was bent beyond repair and sketched up a rough draft of the cross section of the aluminum extrusion.

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Parsing User Agents From Apache Logs

Needed to parse some user agents out of Apache log files. After looking around at various ways, awk, csvkit, and other processor, ended up using cut with " as delimiter.

zcat 2018-*_log.gz | grep 'POST /auctions.ltemplate=auction_live.lcommtypeid=168.* 200' | cut -d\" -f 6 | sort | uniq -c -d
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ESP32 Blink & Fade

Looking closer at the blink sketch using LED circuit on breadboard. This site has good explanation of breadboard layout. Quick overview of the differences between digitalWrite and analogWrite. To use analogWrite for the example fade sketch an external library is needed

This is a good reference for the ESP32 pin out. A main point to note is that some of the pins, 34 to 39, are input only so cannot be set to pinMode(34, OUTPUT) for example won’t work.

LED Circuit

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Lightbox In Jekyll

To get lightbox2 working I’m using a CDN to include the proper CSS and JS files. There are some other methods available via plugins, using HTML in the markdown for images serves it’s purpose.

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